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At the start of this year the councillors of the City of Casey, were dismissed by the Local Government (Casey City Council) Bill 2020 on 19 February. Since then a panel of three administrators are acting the council until the October 2024 Local Government elections. Sadly following on from this decision we have seen various changes that blatantly discriminate faith groups who for decades have been running in Casey and supporting the community.
If you go on to the Casey website you will find all places of worship or faith groups removed from the site. You can try searching “church” “religion” “gathering” and more, still nothing comes up about any of the over 120 faith groups we have here in Casey. When the question arose to the administrators at a council meeting on the 16th of Jun 2020, Nolene Duff responded that she herself went on the website and could find faith groups there, but I beg to differ and you can see so yourself on the website. https://www.casey.vic.gov.au
Also since these administrators have taken charge, in place of the prayer and faith statements that are normally shared at the start of each meeting, a new 'more inclusive' statement is read at each council meeting. However, once again faith groups are unequally represented and have been left out of the dialogue all together by the same administrators who weren’t even elected by Casey residents.
Faith groups are a vital part of the community. For decades they have provided shelter for the needy, connection and social opportunities for the new, programs for kids, youth and young adults plus so much more. The listings of all faith groups should be restored to the Casey website - especially considering we are one of Australia's fastest growing regions, 3rd in Victoria!

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Casey Administrators to restore 'places of worship' listings on the City of Casey Website

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