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Malta Planning Authority

Please sign this petition to prevent the destruction of this historic villa in Pieta and ask instead for its restoration. The Planning Authority has a pivotal role in doing two things : either in promoting the Maltese heritage or in spiraling its destruction. The Planning Authority has stood firm before in various instances to prevent exploitation of certain sites by refusing to approve permits. We ask the planning authority to continue its positive move to protect the Maltese heritage as it did so many times before . We understand that the applicant wants to invest. However we ask the applicant to consider restoring this site to its former elegance and use this incentive as a creative and alternative way of generating income. And us as citizens - we believe in the power of one. By signing each one of us is helping to make a difference. Please read the article below to understand why preserving this site is imperative and sign this petition if you want to do something about it.


We the undersigned ask the Planning Authority to help preserve Malta's heitage and unique architecture, and not to approve the demolition of VIlla Caintar and Villa Frere in Pieta and its gardens.

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