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The many state amendments forbidding same sex marriage will be overturned by the U S Supreme Court.

If one form of fornication is allowed, then those who practice all other forms of fornication will be demanding the same treatment. That would include adultery, incest, pedophilia, bestiality and polygamy, among others.

If one form of fornication is allowed and mainstreamed, then our public schools will begin to teach these behaviors as normal, and accepted by society, to our children, from kindergarten all the way through college.

To promote good sexual morals in the public square means to take a stand against all forms of fornication.

Fornication is any type of sexual intercourse outside of the marriage of one man to one woman.

In the book of Acts, Chapter 15 verses 19 and 20, we are told that all gentiles everywhere are commanded not to commit fornication. Yes, we are no longer under the Old Testament law of the Jews, but this commandment we received from the Holy Spirit and the Apostles after the death and resurrection of Christ, when we were already living in the age of grace, the Church age.

We are clearly told not to commit fornication.

Marriage is clearly defined in the Bible as a union of one man to one woman with God’s blessings on that union.

Fornication is defined as, “Sexual intercourse between partners who are not married to each other.” (The same definition in many dictionaries in the 1960s used the words “unmarried man and woman,” not partners.

God decides what is considered fornication, not man.

I have written a book entitled, "National Morality thinking outside the box a call to action volume 1." See chapters 21 and 22 for an interesting view on the power of subjective words in the English language).
(Go to: nationalmorality.net)

There are no Scriptural exceptions to this command in the Bible. We have not been given a blank check to do whatever we wish after we are saved.

The following proposed amendment will allow, in each state, the local political leadership by legislation and the local populations by referendum, to determine for themselves whatever public square sexual morals they expect. No authority anywhere will be able to overturn the will of the people in this matter.

Whether or not porn is a freedom of speech right would be decided on a state by state basis, as the amendment would allow each state's representatives to revisit the question and to make laws that the people want and to the degree of strictness that the people want.

It is time to prepare for the worse. The federal authorities will disappoint us again and overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Stand with me and give your local communities some clout. The states could then decide to make as many common moral laws as they can agree on, thus making as large an area in the US as possible, with the exact same moral conditions.

Please forward this petition to others after you sign it.

To whom it may concern,

WHEREAS, The Supreme Court of the United States of America has recently shirked its responsibility to make just and righteous judgments in regards to the sexual activities and behavior of its citizens,

And WHEREAS, Said court and others in the federal system have made recent decisions which have amounted to calling immoral acts legal,

And WHEREAS, The Supreme Court’s most recent decision* was more akin to a judicial surrender, by its own opinion, thus abdicating the inherent moral responsibilities to others,

Now THEREFORE, in the spirit of our founding fathers, I do solemnly present and declare “A Declaration of Independence from sexual Tyranny” with these words:

“No federal government authority, power or court shall have any right whatsoever to usurp the right of any single state to establish its own moral standards as the local population shall see fit, specifically in the area of human sexual activity, behavior, conduct and decency.”

Now is the time to forward this declaration to the United States Congress for consideration as the correct and proper way to deal with the Defense of Marriage Act by amending, with said words, the Constitution of the United States; expanding our just complaint to a preferable scope, which is appropriate to the sensibilities of a moral majority.

Your speedy and wholehearted support of such an amendment, thus laying out for future generations a sensible, rational and balanced foundation in the area of human sexuality, is no less important to our country and our posterity than the international fight against terrorism and the effort to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

Such a response to the present moral darkness in the form of amending our beloved Constitution will restore a sense of power, dignity and control to our people just as great as if we had fought and won another revolutionary war against a foreign power.

Cordially, and with great hope, the undersigned citizens.

*Lawrence, et al. v. Texas 02-102. 539 U.S. 558 (2003)
Argued March 26, 2003–Decided June 26, 2003

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