Pres. Ellen Sirleaf, Liberia & US Legislature, United Nations, ECOWAS, Pres Obama, Harvard, PUL

Presidents around the world, including Nixon resigned after failing those who elected them, sparing their nation the ordeal of impeachment.

We call on Sirleaf to do the same; but if not, we as a nation are prepared to enforce our constitutional rights by ensuring our ELECTED legislatures employ constitutional remedies and act on the required 10,000 to change a referendum—an impeachment of Sirleaf.

Sirleaf has clearly abused her authority and acted unconstitutionally as illustrated:

1. Sirleaf failed to obtain congressional authorization for the over 100 concession agreements signed which has now mortgaged over 60% of our land to foreign companies. Out of 100 plus concessions, international watch bodies have declared over 90% of them illegal and in gross violations of our human rights. To this, our Liberians from our southern coastlands, to northern mountains, and every part of Liberia are living like refugees in our own country, with 9 out of 10 people subject to less than $1.00 per day, while foreigners exploit and plunder our land and invest profits from our land outside Liberia.

2. Top appointed and elected officials, including Sirleaf, caught on audio recordings expressing orchestrated and executed plots in which they have extorted and laundered 100s of millions of US currency, meant for the development and life improvement of the everyday citizens. To this, listen to audio recordings on CJJI.ORG/recordings.

3. Embarrassingly ranked #1 most corrupt nation in the world as reported by USA today in July 2013 and now # two most poverty stricken country.

4. Historical devaluing of Liberia currency.

5. Documentations from Finance, State Ministries and NSA of their signatures to pay Marc Amblard $150,000 after he was found guilty of being responsible for CDC killing during the contested 2011 election.

6. Lobbying in the US to the tune of over $300,000,000 Million USD, particularly during presidential election years, when other ECOWAS nations spent under $70,000 during same period.

7. Chastised by US State Department latest report.

8. Chastised by UN numerously.

9. Chastised by ECOWAS numerously.

10. Sanctifying an established “Corruption Clique” as described by Senator Clarice Jah; where elected officials are ordered to be paid by Sirleaf to pass bills; hence deceiving the world that government conducts investigations of improprieties

You all have sent in your reasons why President Sirleaf must be impeached. Please visit cjji.org/26 Reasons for a comprehensive list as indicated by you.

We the undersigned, call for the resignation and/or impeachment of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

In so doing, we will continue to exercise the democratic practices upon which our nation was built. Resignation, Removal or Impeachment of this President, as described in our constitution can no longer be overlooked.

Our nation is bleeding financially, our children do not have common rice and greens, nor do they have education, hope for jobs—given the 90% unemployment rate. We are making this bold move now, in a strong effort to restore our land today and protect what is left for our children’s future.

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