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Senator Harry Reid
United States of America

The 2003 Nevada Legislature voted to automatically restore civil rights to first-time, non violent offenders upon expiration of their sentence or upon their honorable discharge from parole or probation.

Nevada felons typically have to wait 7-15 years before they can petition the court to get their records sealed which if approved would then provide the opportunity for restoration of civil rights.

Civil rights include the right to vote; the right to serve as a juror on a civil trial; in 4 years after discharge, right to run for and hold non-law enforcement and non-judicial elective office; in 6 years after discharge, right to serve as juror in a criminal case.

Once a convicted felon is released from prison they are expected to be integrated back into society and are required to pay taxes and follow the laws of the local community and state. Our judicial system has determined their debt to society has been paid sufficiently so that they are entitled to release from prison. No crime is ever desired in a community and felons can be murderers, predators of children and sometimes thieves who stole property in excess of $2500 or more, but they are granted freedom. Also, remember there are other systems in place such as sex offender registration, restitution, parole, and felon registration to provide oversight and ensure social order and cooperation from these known felons.

Voting was and is a civil rights issue that women and minorities had to fight for in the past. People fought because they knew how important voting was and is to our society. Voting gives people power to have a say in how they will be governed. Votes elect the politicians. Votes approve or cast down proposed legislation.

If the Nevada penal system sees a person fit enough to be the neighbor of you or I, then why shouldn't that person have a right to exercise their voice and opinions in the election processes in those communities or state? Otherwise, if the debt is not paid upon release then why are they released and when is it paid?

A great majority of those deprived from voting as felons are minority men. There has to be a starting point of restoration of dignity and pride in one's self and community. Clearly the prison's fail to rehabilitate because recidivism is extremely high.

There should be no exceptions: Restore civil rights after release from prison or sentence served for all felons in Nevada.

Nevada Revised Statute 213.157 - Restoration of Civil Rights After Sentence Served;Limitations

Nevada Revised Statute 193.130 - Categories and Punishments of Felonies

We, the undersigned, call on the Nevada Legislature to revise Nevada Revised Statutes to mandate immediate restoration of civil rights to all felons who are released from prison or sentence has been served.

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