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Our school garden is a special place at Bryant Montessori School, a public pre-K through 8th grade school in Tacoma, WA. In our raised beds, we grow healthy foods that are planted, cared for, harvested, prepared, and eaten by our students.

Our garden is also a bird and butterfly habitat, encouraging biodiversity in Tacoma as well as an appreciation for our human role as stewards of our planet Earth. We have planted 8+ trees in our garden, and teach students how to maintain the garden using natural landscaping practices, to do our part to keep Puget Sound and all her creatures healthier. In addition, research clearly shows that people benefit from just spending time in green spaces, with improved school performance, reduced stress, and lowered symptoms of ADD, for example.

Last year, Bryant students were allowed into the garden at recess for quiet free time under the supervision of an hourly employee. They read books, observed wildlife, drew pictures, imaginatively used the natural treasure baskets, chatted with each other, enjoyed the garden, and helped water, weed, plant, and do other garden chores as needed. Approximately 200 students per week accessed the garden by choice. This school year, the garden is empty of human life at recess.

We request that the Tacoma Public School District restore an hourly position at Bryant Montessori so that we may once again open our garden to students at recess.

Funding recess supervision in the garden, even for just a day or two a week, will allow students the opportunity to enjoy the only green space available at Bryant once again; a space that hundreds of students, teachers, and families have worked hard for years to create and maintain for our community.

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