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You'd think that because it is the world's first ever film, "The Story of the Kelly Gang" would be quite famous. However, it isn't even in the RadioTimes Guide to films. This review guide has over 23,000 other film reviews.

I watched the movie on YouTube and thought that, while it was quite informative and a good film to look back on and compare with movies nowadays, it needed restoration. All this movie needs to inform the public about this story is to be re-made in colour and it could become successful (again?).

This movie does definitely have some potential, but it really needs to restored.

We, the undersigned, suggest that "The Story of the Kelly Gang" be restored and re-released.

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The Restore and re-make "The Story of the Kelly Gang" - The first ever full-length film petition to Australian Film Industry was written by Victoria Salter and is in the category Films & Movies at GoPetition.