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We, the concerned citizens ,call on the government of the republic of zambia to help restore prime tv back.Zambia is a country founded under democracy and the rule of law.We feel prime tv helped bring balance to the voices on television.The restoration of the tv station will also help keep their employees at work.It is very unfortunate to see people being laid off work considering the economic recession in the world due to covid19.
We,the concerned citizens would like to see freedom of speech being exercised in our country at any given place and time.It for this reason and more that we supporting prime tv in their quest for expression of that freedom,We are therefore signing this petition in full acceptance and support to bring back prime tv back in function,
Prime tv broadcasting license was revoked by the INDEPENDENT BROADCASTING AUTHORITY(IBA) on the 9th april,2020,They termed the revocation in terms of "public interest ".We ,the concerned are signing this petition saying we are not part of the public refered by IBA.

Please sign this petition so as to help prime tv be restored back in action.When you sign you are helping prime tv and in turn supporting freedom of speech and choice.

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