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For origional information on the Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia from Candlekeep.com: (http://www.candlekeep.com/bookshelf/misc/fr_enc.htm)

The Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia was canceled after Wizards of the Coast bought TSR. I'm wrighting this petion not out of anger towards WotC's cancelation of the project, but as a notice to WotC how much the fans would appreciate this product.

This would be an excelent recource for gamers and readers alike. Also writers and artist could create works more consistent and rich in Forgotten Realms lore.

If possible I'd like to suggest an online version that can be continually updated when new works are created and is free to the public.

Also I'd like to suggest the following format:

Calanders & time-keeping

Civilizations, cities, and government (including maps and symbols)

Geography (physical and political maps of every inch of Toril and related plains)

Groups and organizations (including their symbols)

History and Events EX: elf exodus, time of troubles





Races (subraces, history, discriptions, etc.)

Related planes

Religion (symbols, gods, ascensions, pantheons, titles of followers, etc.)

I strongly encourage comments and suggestions along with your signatures!

We, the fans and other concerned people of Forgotten Realms, call on Wizards of the Coast to restart the production and publication of a Forgotten Realms Encyclopedia.

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