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Over the years, the respectful and correct way of remembering the dead, has been by holding a 1 minute silence at all football stadiums throughout the length and breadth of the UK. This has been the British way of remembering and showing respect to anyone in public life who has passed away.

However this has now been replaced by a rude and disrespectful clapping to remember the dead. This was brought about because a lunatic football support could not and would not respect the memory of certain people and groups.

Not all football fans show odious and disrespectful attitudes towards the recently departed. I would urge all right thinking supporters, of every club in the land to sign our petition.

Rangers supporters are being asked to applaud 66 of our family and friends who perished on the terraces of Ibrox Park. Instead of standing for one minute and thinking of the absent friends we have lost.

As Loyal Rangers supporters, we demand that David Murray and Rangers Football club, stop the disrespectful and demeaning applause to commemorate the dead at our football stadium.

We ask that our absent friends who died tragically in the Ibrox disaster are remembered in a solemn and respectful manner and not by holding a 1 minute applause.

We feel this new politically correct trend is not befitting of our great club. Most Rangers supporters would rather hold a one minute silence to remember our friends and family who gave their lives watching our beloved team.

The supporters of Rangers also have a tremendous record of respecting the dead, regardless of politics, religion or whatever team the person played for, and believe the club have nothing to fear by holding a 1 minute silence. Fans feel that we are being asked to join in a process which is alien to our beliefs and is extremely undignified when remembering the departed.

This petition calls on the management at Rangers Football club, to seriously consider this petition and for once respect the views of the majority of the fans of our Scottish sporting institution.

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