#Human Rights
The Australian Government

Little know it, but at least 100,000 Papuans (one sixth of the total population) have been killed during the occupation of the Indonesian Government since 1963. Many more have been "disappeared" or starved to death from forced relocation to inhospitable areas.

It's almost impossible to document the exact number of victims, since academics, human-rights defenders and journalists are targets themselves of intimidation, torture and murder.

This sickens me how the Australian Government will do nothing about this crisis, refusing to get involved while our neighbours are massacred by Indonesian Military and Police Personnel.

Help stop the genocide in West Papua and force the Australian Government to get its act together and support our brothers next door.

(Information obtained from 'Why the Indonesian occupation of West Papua constitutes genocide'
Submitted by KamReed on March 30, 2004, from WestPAN - http://www.westpapua.ca/?q=node/69. For further reading, this article gives insightful information on the Indonesian occupation of West Papua)

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government to support West Papua in its fight Independence and oppose the genocide of the Papuan Peoples by the Indonesian Government.

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