#Roads & Transport
Orkney Islands Council
United Kingdom

Yet again the North Isles ferries are hit with industrial action which is causing absolute chaos in scheduling appointments.

Are you are waiting to hear if you will be scheduled at all (or shoved into reserve) for a 3 hour window in Kirkwall when it should be 7+ hours? It is neither possible or desirable to squeeze the business you had planned into less than half the time (on mainland) with the costs remaining the same.

How can anyone plan their time and logistics generally when the goal posts keep moving at short notice!

The council are failing to provide an adequate lifeline service to the North Isles (which they are obliged to do by mandate). Please everyone, sign this online petition that I will present to OIC. It's time we made some noise because the situation is getting ridiculous!

We, the undersigned, call on the Orkney Islands Council (OIC) to urgently resolve the dispute with the crews of the North Isles Ferries, which is causing disruption to NHS, veterinary, lifeline services & other appointments, tourist & hospitality perception & income, along with greatly reduced service to the residents & businesses of the Northern Isles.

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