Madison County Sheriff's Office
United States of America

On July 31, 2016, A tragic boating accident occurred in Decatur County Tennessee. Involved in the accident were; Mark Hutson, Rebecca Hutson, Jackie David, and Nick Willhoit. Nick Willhoit died as a result of the accident. Jackie David received a broken back. Mark Hutson plead guilty to Vehicular Homicide and boating under the influence on February 15, 2017. Rebecca Hutson, a deputy for the Madison County Sheriff's Office, is married to Mark and was on the vessel when the accident occurred and did not do anything to prevent her husband Mark from piloting the boat while heavily under the influence of alcohol. If anything, she only empowered him to drink more by not questioning his actions as a sheriff's deputy. This brings into question her integrity as a Law Enforcement Officer and reflects very poorly on the Madison County Sheriff's Office for supporting her. Her judgement cannot be trusted and any court case involving her will without a doubt be questioned. If you will not stop your husband from drinking and driving, what else would you let your family and friends get away with? Furthermore, her integrity was called into question when making threats to the other victim in the crash, Jackie David on a Facebook post. She has since deleted her comments but not before a screenshot was taken.

We the undersigned, call upon the Madison County Sheriff's Office to terminate the employment of Rebecca Hutson for her off duty conduct on July 31, 2016. Which as a result has destroyed her credibility with the public and puts future and past investigations by your department in question.

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