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To whom it may concern,

It has recently come to attention that South Africans Film Industry is expanding and this is a great opportunity for a positive change and step forward into a better future for Stunt Performers & Actors of South Africa.

I would like to propose an updated and fresh up of contracts for Stunt Performers & Actors. #Residuals: Residual (entertainment industry), in business, one of an ongoing stream of payments for the completion of past achievements.

This is the right time to stand together, we can achieve more if Stunt Performers & Actors unite. I trust it is in every Artists interest to create a harmonic place to express his her profession under the best possible circumstances.

This said, we can not longer wait and sit that someone else is doing the work, we need to do it, it is proven with a variety of Shows and Movies that South Africa is a place where a high standard of crew is creating wonderful results.

Sadly it is also a place with low standards in terms of rates, insurance and non existent RESIDUALS!

Please contact me regarding your concerns and ideas pertaining to the request that is necessary.

This is primarily a way to show that South African Stunt Performers & Actors deserve Residuals and that we must come in communication to achieve positive change!

Thank you for your time!

We the undersigned South African Stunt Performers & Actors request that there is the urgent need to update Contracts and add legitimate Residuals.

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