#Local Government
Callahan and Eastland Counties
United States of America

We are residents and landowners of Callahan and Eastland Counties whom are opposed to a currently proposed wind farm project in this area. The wind energy company must have 25,000 to 35,000 acres of our land to make this a viable project and they must also receive a tax abatement from our counties. Our goal is to show the vast majority of residents and landowners in these counties are opposed to the project and also are opposed to offering our tax dollars to large corporations to place wind turbines near our homes. They will impact the marketability of our counties, homes and land. They will slow economic development and job growth. They will lower property values. They will hurt every homeowner and business owner in our counties. This project has proposed turbine sights only a few thousand feet away from Cross Plains Public water wells that supplies the City water. They will be digging into our water aquifer all over the Cottonwood area potentially causing irreversible damage to our precious water supply. The small towns thrive on Hunting industry and this project will jeopardize the economies we have worked so hard to build!

We, the residents and landowners of Callahan and Eastland Counties, call on the County Commissioners of these great counties to reject any requests for tax abatements associated with Wind Energy.

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