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Planning Inspectorate Inquiry
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The villages of Woodford-cum-Membris, a community of some 1,600 homes, have been the target of relentless residential development over the last thirty years or more. There are currently another 200 houses approved for construction on Byfield Road. Two further applications for developments of 44 and 55 houses in the village have now gone to appeal.

This level of housing development has not been matched by improved local services and infrastructure. It is contrary to current Planning policies relevant to Woodford. The developments are all outside the recognised village envelope and on Greenfields.

This over expansion of the villages will bring more traffic to our roads and overload existing infrastructure such as sewers. The increased population cannot be readily accomodated by facilities such as the local schools and medical services. The continued erosion of our countryside must be brought to a halt.

Please support our local councillors in opposing any further enlargement of our villages.

We, the undersigned, oppose any further enlargement of Woodford-cum-Membris, in particular the construction of 55 houses on Farndon Road.

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