Halifax Regional Municipality

The NRC Research Press have issued a report stating their belief that cell towers should NOT be placed within 500 metres of residential properties, schools, hospitals, and daycares. The safety zone should be at least 1000 metres similar to some European countries, and also for the following reasons.

1. Radiation being brought into the area.

2. Nearest Residential property 20 metres from tower

3. Decrease in Property Values.

4. Visual Aesthetics

5 Eastlink intends to sell unused tower space increasing radiation.

6. Current cell coverage is extremely good-with 5 major companies available.

7. Eastlink have not entertained any other location for their tower as Bragg the Eastlink parent company own the land.

Note: If more than one member of your household is opposed to the tower; each person should sign individually.

We the undersigned are strongly opposed to the proposed 40 metre high self supporting mono tower being erected at 1000 Cole Harbour Road behind Piercey's/RONA and adjacent to a highly populated residential and commercial area.

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