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I sincerely say that I´m a bit dissapointed of what Capcom´s Staff showed up at the recent E3 2008 event. I didn´t understood what were their truly intention but my eyes couldn´t believe, Resident Evil 5 was almost identical to it´s "brother", Resident Evil 4.

I could also compare, the gameplay in the other game was completely different from the original Resident Evil series and I know that many players from that time were a lot surprised cause I was.Now that Capcom revealed important things(I say important because we know how things are going to be in the game, even that the game is not finished yet), there are many questions that need to be answered.

In name of every player in the world (unecessary to say for every resident evil fan/enthusiast), I, the undersigned, call upon every player to join me to interrupt Capcom´s RE5 development and tell to them that this game is made for us, players and could only be released officialy until our approval!

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