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City of Hendersonville BOMA
United States of America

The city of Hendersonville, TN has announced $515,000 in additional funds to be appropriated for Supplemental Paving in the city, but does not specify which roads will benefit from this money. These funds will be reserved for use at the discretion of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to pave roadways they choose.
As citizens of the city, we have a voice! We must let our elected officials know what we, as citizens, want for our city.
By signing this petition, you are directing our 12 Aldermen and Mayor that we the citizens want Center Point Road paved from Caldwell Drive to Hunts Lane.
The first vote to add the additional funds to the paving budget will be held on Feb 8th.

We, the citizens of Hendersonville, TN, do hereby direct the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to utilize the additional funds being appropriated for Supplemental Paving as of February 8th, 2022 to be used to complete paving on Center Pointe Road, from Caldwell Drive to Hunts Lane, and to do so before the end of the fiscal year, June 2022.

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