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Tricia Martin works for CityMD Urgent Care clinic on 149th Street - 3rd Avenue in the Bronx as a full-time medical assistant. She has been working for CityMD for a year now, and in that time has garnered much love, respect, and admiration from all of her co-workers, patients, medical providers, and management team. Tricia is a loving and dedicated team player with professional work ethics and an unmatched commitment to serve the community. She exemplifies CityMD's mission of "serving kindness" everyday through her work and goes above and beyond her duties to assist her site as well as other sites without the expectation of reward or recognition. She is a diligent, hard working individual who goes the extra mile to ensure her site is spotless, her laboratory up to standards, and her work nothing short of pristine. Tricia Martin truly is an exemplary worker who has tremendous potential to grow within the company as an emerging senior medical assistant.
Within this past week, Tricia was effectively terminated from her position because of a conversation she had with a newly hired assistant manager (ASM). Allegedly, there was a discrepancy regarding a work-related matter. Having not worked with each other before, both Tricia and the ASM disagreed on how the issue should have been handled. There was a disagreement between the two, but they mutually arrived at a solution. In an effort to express her concerns with management, Tricia arranged a meeting with the site manager for a day later that week. The meeting never occurred, as Tricia received a phone call a few days after the incident from her site manager, who informed her of her employment termination effective immediately that day. The termination was a result of the disagreement Tricia had with the ASM that day. The site manager also explained to Tricia that they had also been receiving negative reviews about her in addition to the prior incident with the ASM. Tricia was not made aware of her NYS mandated unemployment rights and was simply told to follow up with Human Resources at CityMD HQ with any further questions.
We believe Tricia's termination was wrongfully grounded and are petitioning for a repeal of her termination. We also believe the reasoning behind Tricia's termination was not sufficient for a full termination of her employment, as she was not given a first warning or write-up for her actions if deemed warranted. Therefore, on behalf of Tricia Martin, we are writing the petition to ask the management team at CityMD HQ to rescind her termination letter and kindly ask the public for their support and approval of this petition to restore Tricia's employment immediately.

We, the undersigned, call on CityMD to rescind Tricia Martin's wrongful termination letter and restore her full-time position as a medical assistant effective immediately.

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