Parents, Asian Pacific Islander Americans, Hispanic Americans and African Americans
United States of America

1. UC Regents Approved a new admissions policy After API Caucus Requested the regents to Delay its Admission's Decision: On February 3, 2009, all members of the California API Caucus signed a joint statement asking the UC Regents to postpone its decision to approve the new admissions policy. However, just two days later, the UC Regents approved the new admissions policy.

2. Virtually No Transparency: The UC Regents did not notify the public about its decision to significantly change the new University of California Admissions policy. The UC Regents also failed to ask for input from the Asian Pacific Islander Community Organizations, Hispanic Community Organizations and the African American Community Organizations.

3. Discriminatory: The new admissions policy that was approved is neutral on its face but as applied and administered, the admissions will have a discriminatory effect of substantially reducing Asian Pacific Islander Americans students with little or no increase to Hispanic American and African American Students.

Please join us by signing the petition to rescind the UC Regents new admission policy that was approved last February 5th, 2009.

We, the undersigned advocates for fair university admissions, believe that the UC Regents New Admission's Policy was approved without proper planning, use of questionable data, and as applied and administered, the new admissions policy will have a discriminatory effect to many minorities, especially Asian Pacific Islanders.

Let's fight and stand for every student who deserves fair admission to every public university. Together we rescind the unfair Admissions Policy!

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