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Some students have been told that they can't used specialist software provided to allow them to produce writen documents when restricted by disabilities.

NOTE: Since this petition was first posted it has become clear that this decision to prevent use of Dragon affects versions 7 and 8 as well.

The undersigned call on the Open University to rescind their decision to prevent the use of specialist software, namely Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 by Naunce (formerly Scansoft), when used for the purpose of examinations by disabled students that use the software due to their disabilities.

We call on the Open University to further work with students that require such software due to their disabilities to enable them to use the software in such a ways as to satisfy any and all requirements of the regulatory bodies as regards the conduct of examinations.

We further call on the Open University to give all students clear guidelines on the use of such software so they can prepare, when they first start a course, as to the way that their software can be used and to clearly publish to all students any such change to these guidelines.

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