The Wisconsin State Legislature via Senator Julie Lassa

This petition is about alerting Wisconsin, the USA, and global citizens to the dangers of mining WI, and radioactive waste export/import. "WI 2013 ACT 1" mining law 'legally' sets Wisconsin up to become a mining waste land—and an international nuclear waste dump! The proposed Penokee mine (near Native American wild rice and wetland-shores of Lake Superior) would unleash ongoing poisoning from heavy-metal/acid-release and radioactive contamination.

Dangerous Cross-Atlantic secret shipments of high-level nuclear waste from Europe have begun to arrive in the US (as of Mar. 2014), and are now precariously sitting at the DOE Savannah River site in S. Carolina. The U.S. government agreed to take the nuclear waste from all foreign nuclear plants built by U.S. companies. Where will it go? With the Yucca Mt. nuclear repository site scrapped, “WI is now the number one candidate for permanent disposal of high level waste” [Nukewatch]. Clandestine Federal energy law and Wisconsin's ACT 1 invite radioactive and toxic disaster—for profit!

We strongly disapprove of the present 3rd World Economic Policy which threatens to sacrifice our sustainable economy, public health, fertility, and future viability as a state and nation to the multinational corporate reapers & polluters. We acknowledge that Wisconsin, the U.S., the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans , and Great Lakes Basin (containing one third of the world’s surface fresh water supply), and associated plants, animals and human populations are worth protecting into perpetuity.

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"US Nuclear Regulatory Commission—Mines Could Take Waste (pg. 2)
- "Mining WI???--the Global Radioactive Waste & Mining Setup: a Compendium
of Independent Writing, Research & Shocking Findings" (a DVD Book)

Whereas: “2013 Wisconsin ACT 1” invites nuclear/hazardous waste disposal at mine sites—a mining “approval”/permit gives the company rights to contract for import & disposal & storage of “all waste materials”…“from other sources”. [Wisconsin statutes s.295.41(26),(41),(33),(35)&(3)(a)]

Whereas: The nuclear industry is seeking to expand nuclear power & launch a “for profit” global nuclear waste trade via lucrative contracts for waste procurement, transport, disposal & facility construction.[Federal statutes creating the US Enrichment Corp H.R.776, H.R.1216, and federal Bill S.1240]

Whereas: Act 1 gives mining companies, & contracted 'affiliates' the right to disenfranchise citizens/state/local governing bodies of authority, rights, treasure & property, while enabling environmental ruin & escape from liability. [WI statutes s 295.443 & 295(1m) & (f)].

THEREFORE: We the undersigned hereby petition the WI Legislature for the sake of our Collective Well Being to:

1. Rescind all of “2013 Wisconsin Act 1” mining law, so as to: a). Abolish all its provisions, and restore the mining moratorium & the many other protective WI laws & regulations that it removed or amended in part or whole b). Restore the People’s democracy c. Restore the protective authority of the WDNR.

2. Restore the Head of the WDNR to a state office elected by the People of WI, & to set the DNR's prime duty as “life-resource-protector”–accountable to the public inter-generational /environmental well-being.

3. Uphold local government & municipal authority, citizens' rights & democracy.

4. Reinstate the protective RWRB [Wisconsin Radioactive Waste Review Board] with full citizen representation, legal authority & mandate, as set before its diminishment and ultimate repeal.

5. Outlaw the Import/dumping of all radioactive waste and hazardous waste.

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