The Chapel Hill Town Council and Town Manager
United States of America

Whereas, the Town Council is considering upzoning all properties within the Ephesus - Fordham study area;

Whereas the Town Council is considering a Code of standards that will apply to this area;

Whereas, the Code standards together with the new zones would replace Council approval and citizen participation for all future development proposals;

Whereas, thousands of people in the surrounding neighborhoods patronize the popular businesses that we value;

Whereas, citizens need to know the answers to how additional traffic will be handled before zoning approvals are made;

Whereas, citizens must know the specifics and cost for how stormwater will be managed to prevent downstream flooding and ensure maximum infiltration for water quality;

Whereas, the public wants to know that Code standards will set measurable goals to ensure a vital, green and lively urban space;

Whereas, the Council needs a cost benefit analysis that demonstrates that the plan will yield net positive revenue for the Town;

And Whereas, over 1000 residences will require additional school capacity, affecting all tax payers in the school district, therefore be it resolved:

We petition the Town Council to ensure these 8 steps be taken before rezoning properties in the Ephesus-Fordham District:

(1) Include public review in the new zoning regulations;

(2) Ensure that the zoning changes include measures to protect existing small businesses in the E-F district from being forced out;

(3) Develop a plan for mitigating flooding and protecting water quality, along with estimated costs;

(4) Prioritize transportation projects and tell the public the costs including thet actul construction bids;

(5) Share the cost- benefit analysis with the public to demonstrate that the plan will yield a net positive revenue for the Town after all Town services, ongoing infrastructure maintenance costs and school costs are included;

(6) Require that sufficient incentives are provide to ensure energy efficient buildings, as well as community green space equivalent to a minimum of 15% of the land area adjacent to retail and residences;

(7) Ensures that the Town Manager certifies that 300 affordable housing units are met; and

(8) The form-based code design standards are improved to ensure an attractive, vibrant public realm consistent with Chapel Hill's history, character, and values.

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