Point Park University Administration
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The United Student Government firmly believes that every student should be able to have a digital reference and centralized location to access their grades and syllabus at any given time.

Class grades provide a student with guidance and information for future assignments; a syllabus acts as an agreement between the professor and the student, which allows class to run smoothly and efficiently. We understand that numerous professors may not feel comfortable with using the software—for this reason, we request only a low level of faculty involvement at this point in time.

While this proclamation presents an immediate solution, it is our belief that the University should consider furthering the connection of faculty to students via Blackboard. Other tools that can be explored are discussion boards, online classes, or the digital drop box. By placing more of an emphasis on Blackboard, our university will be able to stay more connected to their students and effectively utilize all of the tools available to further students’ education.

We, the United Student Government, would like to see the Point Park University Administration begin to consider the changes detailed in the proclamation as soon as possible.

As a full-time, undergraduate student attending Point Park University, I support the proposal of United Student Government requesting that all faculty members be required to use Blackboard software at a minimal level.

We ask that all professors post a syllabus, and keep an accurate online grade book.

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