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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Unlike most sports, though, soccer doesn’t require much in the way of safety equipment to prevent serious injury.

Most injuries involving soccer players occur with the goalpost. We are calling for goalposts to be padded in youth soccer by a durable pad that is made of the same material, Duraskin, that is used on basketball posts. This type of padding has absolutely no affect on the deflection of the soccer ball when bouncing off the goalpost. The padding is white in color, so as to blend into the post and is virtually invisible to most people and players; however, this padding, if hit by a player, will significantly reduce and protect the player from serious injury.

Our purpose for this petition is to get US Soccer Federation, US Soccer Association and FIFA to see the importance of padded goalposts in youth soccer.

By signing this petition, you are supporting this cause and taking a stand in the value of safety for all of our children who play youth soccer, whether it is with a travel team or a recreational team.

We, the undersigned, would like to see US Soccer Association and FIFA change the rules and require padding of all goalposts in youth soccer.

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