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Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles
United States of America

My grandfather recently ran a red light near his home and narrowly avoided a collision that may have cost his life, and the lives of those in the car he almost hit. This is when we realized that he had been hiding the fact that his eyesight has been fading very quickly. Many senior citizens are just like him--unable to safely operate a motor vehicle, but too proud to admit it. It's time we, the state of Kentucky, joined the 32 states that have already taken action by requiring senior citizens to pass an eye examination before renewing their drivers' license.

In 2011, our legislature attempted to pass a law requiring drivers over the age of 80 to get a doctor's approval upon renewing their license, but it was shot down. Since then, the number of states who have successfully implemented this law has risen significantly and with positive results. It's time we join the rest of America in the effort to make our roads safer.

We, the undersigned, call on the DMV of Kentucky to take action and make our roads safer, by requiring senior citizens to pass an eye examination before being able to renew their drivers' licenses.

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