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My 7 yr old dog was attacked at a boarding facility, he had to under go surgery. I'm devastated by what happened, and that the owners haven't even reached out to me to apologize. My dogs voice needs to be heard. We need justice for Bailey. This should have never happened when I trusted the facility to watch and care for my dog.

This past weekend, April 21st, my husband and I were heading to NY for my mothers 1 year anniversary Memorial. We dropped Bailey off on Friday afternoon at the Dude Ranch. I'm never happy having to leave him behind, but I've used this place before, and trusted them to care for my dog. On Saturday afternoon, I received a phone call from the boarding facility where I left my dog Bailey under there care. The Dude Ranch, in Glen Allen, VA.
One of the workers called me, not a manager or owner, to let me know that there was an incident, that Bailey was "ok", but was attacked by another dog. A dog jumped a fence, and attacked my dog giving him several bites to his neck, chest, and abdomen. They said it was an "accident". That this should have NEVER happened. Really? Was it really an accident? Was it done purposely? Did someone not like my dog or even us?. These questions aren't impossible. And I want answers! They then said he was being rushed to a 24 hr hospital. When I called the hospital, they said he had severe bites and that surgery was necessary to make sure none of his organs were pierced as this can be life threatening. They performed the surgery, and thankfully no organs were pierced. Just muscle tissue damage and he needed staples. He's on tubes to drain the fluid and in a lot of pain. I was devastated when I got this call. I felt helpless for my dog because I was 300 miles away. I ended my weekend, and drove straight to the hospital to see my dog. I was heart broken when I got there and he was crying. The Dude Ranch is apparently covering the approx bill of $5000, but as far as who is responsible for my pets negligence, something more has to be done. Dogs can't speak, but we as owners can. They are a living animal with a heart beat. My Bailey was innocently outside playing when this happened. I trusted in the workers and facility to watch and care for my dog. This is no accident. It was being careless, incompetent and not responsible.
The problem here is that in the state of Virginia, there is no type of regulations for boarding facilities. All we can do is file a report and take them to small claims court.
THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE! How come if we drive a car we need a license? How come if we graduate High School we need a diploma? The health Dept needs to have a system in place to monitor the type of conditions that are going on in these type of facilities. Cameras should be mandatory for owners to be able to watch our pets at any given time and location. And regulate how many dogs they can watch and have an employee for every single dog.
As a married woman with no children, Bailey is my child. He's my baby!
Please help me change this loop hole in our legal system and protect our dogs!

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