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Soapnet and ABC Daytime Management
United States of America

Soapnet, a subsidiary of ABC and Disney, has been airing the soap opera Ryan's Hope which originally aired on ABC from 1975 through 1989. They currently run 2 - 30 minute episodes twice daily and are presently at the 1981 season (6 years of episodes, shown over 3 years). On April 28, 2003 they intend to restart the show from the beginning to increase their viewership. They do not intend to continue with the current run and expect their loyal viewers to watch again for 3 years to get to this current point.

We are requesting that the show use one of their 2 time slots to continue and another (more popular demographically) for the restart.

We, the loyal fans of Soapnet and Ryan's Hope, respectfully request that Soapnet Programming please reconsider the decision to start airing Ryan's Hope from the beginning. Many of us have been watching for 3 years, faithfully, through schedule changes, including the removal of the weekend marathons. We have proven over the last few years that we will find it whatever time you run it and tape it if necessary. All we are asking is that you continue the show where it is now, in addition to airing from the beginning. There are mid-day slots and late night slots… Many of us would be grateful if you would, at least, give us one of those slots. We understand the desire to bring in new viewers; we simply don't want you to sacrifice the existing loyal viewers to accomplish your goals.

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