Minister for Immigration Damian Green
United Kingdom

In January of this year my fiancée from New Zealand had her working visa refused on a technicality despite having worked as a nurse in the UK for over 9 years. Since then we returned to New Zealand and married however my wife was not allowed to return with me and we have now been separated for over 2 months.

We applied for a spousal visa at the start of April and despite meeting all the necessary criteria we have still not heard anything. We have been told if we make enquiries into the progress of our case it will delay the application and we have no point of direct communication with any employee of the UKBA, our lives are technically on hold and we find it incomprehensible that we cannot be told when we will receive a decision.

In the meantime one of London's hospitals is without a key member of nursing staff.

We, the undersigned, call on the minister for immigration, Damian Green to investigate the current state of the UKBA, and request that they are made accountable for their actions.

In the specific case of Gretchen Lister and Gavin McWilliam, we request that their spousal visa is approved and they are reunited at the earliest possible opportunity.

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