Maine Dept of Environmental Protection
United States of America

The Saddleback Ridge Wind project is the first wind project to come before the DEP where credible, conflicting testimony on noise and scenic impacts can be assembled within the 20 day period after the application has been accepted for processing per DEP rule. The 20 day period ends December 6.

The purpose of the petition is to demonstrate widespread support for DEP to hold technical hearings on these issues, which will allow expert witnesses from both sides to testify and be cross examined. A decision supported by findings of fact rather than the whims of the agency should be the result of such a hearing.

We, the undersigned, being interested parties by reason of owning property near the proposed Saddleback Ridge Wind Project (the “Project”), or our use of property within the viewshed of the proposed Project for recreational purposes do hereby petition the Department of Environmental Protection pursuant to 06-096 ch. 2, Section 7.A for a public hearing on the Application on the subject of the noise to be emitted by the Project and the visual impact of the proposed Project.

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