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For the past few months, the communities of Taylor Mill have been told by local leaders that the City of Taylor Mill has no authority to modify intersections on the new Route 16 (Pride Parkway). Several citizens have been contacting Rob Hans, Chief Engineer for District 6 at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to voice concerns about no light interchange at the entrance to the Taylor Creek Subdivision.

Efforts by the the City appear to be reactive and not proactive with most recent comments at the last City Council meeting advising citizens basically to back down from voicing too much concern to the Transportation Cabinet or the Cabinet will become upset. What does that mean? Is that a threat?

The removal of the temporary stop signs at the entrance to the Taylor Creek Subdivision have created a dangerous intersection for cars travelling along Route 16 and cars entering/exiting either Taylor Creek Subdivision or old Taylor Mill Road. With no turn lane into the Taylor Creek Subdivision nor a center turn lane on Route 16, cars entering or exiting Taylor Creek Subdivision must turn onto a busy 4 lane road which has traffic travelling 35 MPH or more.

Some citizens of Taylor Creek Subdivision are saying they are having to wait upwards of 5 minutes to make a left turn out of the subdivision and this is not when Scott High School is in session.

Several citizens of Taylor Creek Subdivision and the subdivisions of Mill Valley and Stone Ridge also need access to enter/exit to Old Taylor Mill Road which is dangerous since there are no turn lanes on Route 16.

Many are concerned that the only way things will change will be for accidents at the intersection to raise awareness. We should not have to put ourselves and our children at risk. Please join us in our efforts to get a traffic light at the intersection for the safety of everyone in our community.

We, the undersigned, call on the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 6 to install a traffic light at the intersection of Taylor Creek Drive/Old Taylor Mill Road and Route 16 (Pride Parkway).

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