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Monster 9

I've been working on an ongoing project to try to get Monster 9 (the creators of Sasuke) to talk to TBS (Japan) to release Sasuke 1-22 (at least) into a DVD collection and/or box set. I sent a proposal with details and options they can use including a Region Free DVD so it's not just limited to North American (region 1) or Japan (region 2).

This way everyone around the world can buy the same DVD and have access to the original tournaments as they were aired on TBS. They acknowledge that they received the proposal but at this time I wanted to add something else to show it's not just Americans asking for this.

I am creating an online petition form in hopes of getting at least 500 signatures so then I can send that to Monster 9 to show there is demand for it worldwide. I did my best to include as many translations of the text as possible.

This petition is to request from Monster 9 the release for sale a region-free DVD of all Sasuke Competitions to be made available for purchase to the general public.


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