#City & Town Planning
Jurong Town Council

1st floor residents of Blk 121 & 122 Yuan Ching Road are suffering from inconsiderate upper levels neighbours.

High-rise litter is a common problem in S'pore. Inconsiderate neighbours on upper levels throwing litter & potential killer-litter is common practice & daily event suffered by 1st floor residents & passer-bys.

Simple chores like hanging out our clothes to dry or taking out the rubbish has been turned into a life & death issue as we do not know when we might get struck by killer-litter.

With nothing to shelter us when we step out of the rear entrance, we are vulnerable to killer-litter.

The back of our houses are covered with rubbish thrown from above & despite several attempts by Jurong Town Council to rectify the problem(e.g: distribution of leaflets) it has been to no avail.

Should we wait for somebody to die or suffer permanent disability before taking action?

We, the undersigned, call on Jurong Town Council for the construction of permanent roof shelters at rear entrance of 1st floor units of Blk 121 & 122 Yuan Ching Road.

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