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Although Singapore is a small country, the Hallyu Wave in Singapore has always been prominent.
On 3rd March 2018, MONSTA X came to Singapore for a Special Show and many fans were unable to attend due to conflict in schedules and inconvenience*.
- Special Show was held in The Coliseum, a venue for Standing concerts (usually for Rock Festivals)
- *Inconvenience mentioned refers to: There were fans (MONSTA X fans are named Monbebes) who were unable to attend due to restraints such as having physical injuries that stops them from attending a standing concert, or suffering from Anxiety that prevents them to be in overly crowded areas, or even fans who are wheelchair-bound and more.

Aside from the Special Show, the only opportunity for SG Monbebes to meet MONSTA X was 3 years ago in a joint fan-meeting session. SG Monbebes hopes to properly meet MONSTA X who has been amazing role models through the upcoming 2nd World Tour in an enjoyable, all-inclusive environment.

We, the undersigned, humbly request Starship Entertainment to hold a world tour stop in SINGAPORE for MONSTA X's upcoming 2nd World Tour, especially if this petition has over 1000 signatures.

We hope that through this petition, STARSHIP Entertainment and Singapore Organizers are able to notice SG Monbebes' adoration and dedication for MONSTA X and hold a first ever MONSTA X concert in Singapore.

This petition will also serve to help STARSHIP Entertainment gauge the number of fans who are interested in attending the possible MONSTA X 2nd World Tour in SINGAPORE.

**Should this petition reach over 2500 signatures, please consider to hold the concert in the Mastercard Theatres.
**Should this petition reach over 7000 signatures, please consider to hold the concert in the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Thank you.

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