#Students' Rights
The Administration/Executive Body of Wawasan Open University

It was observed that the Course-Coordinators and Tutors of WLA103/03 (Malaysian Studies) have not been participating (or in inactive mode of participation) since tutorial 1 of this semester in neither the tutorial forum nor public forum which are provided by the authority of WOU as an e-discussion platform among WOU students and CC/Tutors.

As mentioned by the authority, the LMS forum is also plays a role of guiding ODL students (who are fulltime working folks) in their studies. There is no additional slides/material for tutorial/tma or even cc/tutor contact been posted in the forum. Furthermore, the posts that posted by students in (neither tutorial, public nor tutor announcement) forum, which looking for cc/tutor's assistance & guidance; have gone unhelpled. It has becoming a situation of students asking, students answering. Also, the approval of tma extension in this subject has taken a week to approve, which has caused students in worry of whether their extension is approved ? The above situations varies from other subjects that we're taking.

We, the undersigned, the students of WLA103/03 (Malaysian Studies), strongly request a serious & effective monitoring from the administration/executive body of WOU over the WLA103/03 (Malaysian Studies) CC/Tutors' progress in the LMS which has caused a serious negative effect on learning and inconvenience to students.

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The Request for Monitoring of WLA103/03 (M'sian Studies) CC & Tutor Participation in LMS petition to The Administration/Executive Body of Wawasan Open University was written by Steven Koay Hean Choon and is in the category Students' Rights at GoPetition.