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The lethal intersection of Hwy 641 & Hwy 80, the two primary arteries of Murray and Calloway Co., is a dangerous and difficult area to navigate during the daytime, and even worse at night.

There are numerous issues that could be improved with a simple study of the traffic needs and patterns, including lighting, exit/turn lanes, additional signage, slow-down alerts entering the intersection from all points, and an improved system of signals, specifically the blinking yellow light which is confusing and inconsistent with similar signals at other intersections.

We, the undersigned, call on the Kentucky Department of Transportation to make significant modifications to the Highway 80 intersection with Highway 641.

The modifications made must effectively improve lighting, guide drivers to anticipate turns, early warning lights, speed reduction measures, provide turn lanes, and improve the overall safety at this intersection, utilizing, signage, consistent traffic signals, and any other resources available and necessary.

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