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Infinite has becoming really popular and not only called as a trending idol in Korea, but also in Malaysia too. Currently, Inspirit(s) fandom in Malaysia are getting bigger and bigger by day, and many of us wishes to see them closer. Golden Disk Award that was held in January was their first ever appearance in Malaysia but many of us could not attend due to various unavoidable reasons.

So, we need help from Inspirit(s) all around the world to sign this petition and help us (Malaysian Inspirit(s)) to make this dream to come true

We, the undersigned, call on Malaysian and World Inspirits to sign this petition and help us (Malaysian Inspirits) to make this dream come true.

Maybe we can bring Infinite to Malaysia again for their first concert or fan meeting (at least).

Let's show Woollim Ent. and Infinite themselves our sincere love.

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