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Heroes is a fun and lovely show. However, the show didn't got much episodes like others. There were only 40 episodes which we thought the episodes didn't enough for us.

It's been 2 years since the show has ended but we still watch it till now. Watch them in music show and movie are not enough for us. We want to see the humorous and real side of the members again in a new season.

So, we need help from all of the viewers and fans who are thinking the same of us to sign this petition. We hope our request will be fulfilled. We will wait SBS Heroes Season 2 with the same members, same MC, same humour and fun.

We, the undersigned, call on Heroes and the members' fans to sign this petition and help us to watch the lovable members in variety show again.

Maybe the members can gain popularity by this show. It would be good for them. And also, they need some rest and happy moment as their busy schedules don't let them.

Let show SBS our love and support to Heroes and the members themselves.

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