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The Ogre3D project (www.ogre3d.org) is an open source software library widely used for 3d real time rendering.

The need of an advanced reference book is reason of this petition, targeting IT books publishers.

To the attention of IT book publishers,

We, professional software developers, researchers, students, and hobbyists, users of the Ogre3d rendering engine library; request to the IT book publishers to consider our need of an advanced reference manual, covering the Ogre engine in depth.

The world of 3d real time rendering remains one of the most complex subset of computer sciences, while the need and attraction of 3d visualization and interaction has gotten stronger during the last few decades .

The Ogre3D open source project (www.ogre3d.org), has proven to be an efficient, intuitive, and an actively supported project; which made it today widely seen as a standard in the 3d graphics world. Ogre is today commonly chosen for the development of projects in various domains such as scientific, simulation, game, educational, artwork, and experimental softwares.

The first Ogre 3d book, “Pro Ogre 3D Programming” written by Gregory Junker (aka xavier), published in 2006 by Apress; introduced beginners to the basics, while the book was in demand enough to require a second printing.

Beyond the knowledge provided in this book, informations have to be searched online from community contribution, in forums and wikis.

The request of an advanced edition is received positively by Steve Steeting (aka sinbad), lead programmer and founder of Ogre, but today a lack of attention from publishers still remains. The size requirements for a complete in-depth reference manual is evaluated from 500 to 600 pages, including a CD.

With the hope our request will be received positively,

The Ogre Community

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