Barnsley Metropolitan Bourough Council
United Kingdom

Well you see, for a few years now me and my friends have been asking the council
to build us a skate park and they have never replied.

So we have been going for years having to travel to places like dev green in
sheffield and spending who knows how
much on train tickets.

Dear Barnsley metropolitan borough council,

We are writing to request a skate park located in Barnsley. Please take time to
read our request as it would mean a lot to the children of today’s society.

For years we have been requesting that the council build us a skate park in the
Dodworth area, but have come to an agreement with the other skateboarders
and bikers and we have agreed on Pogmoor, as it is situated in the middle of
everyone and also a short distance from the city center, much like dev green.
And we have tried many a time to make our own, which failed each time. Now
we are having to travel miles on end to get to a skate park just to ride our
bicycles in the way we enjoy, and spending who knows how much on train

The skate park surface style we are wanting is like the one at dev green, as we all feel that is better.

If it does nothing else it will keep some of the children off street corners. So in conclusion I hope from reading our statement that you will fully understand how frustrated and upset we have become over this whole situation.

So below are 100+ names who are in favour this skate park.

And thank you for taking the time for reading this request.

Yours sincerely
The people of Barnsley including the undersigned:

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