Republican National Committee and Chairman Steele
United States of America

The Republican Party has continued to stray from the Reagan conservatism that made it effective and a force for good in the world. If the GOP hopes to become relevant again, it must halt this left-ward drift and return to conservatism.

Otherwise, it will continue to lose elections and to give this country by default to the socialists, fascists, and others on the Left who currently are working through the Democrat Party and its affiliates in various NGOs and the mainstream news media.

We, the undersigned, are people who either:

1) Were at one time Republicans but have left the Party because it didn't take a principled stand for conservatism, or

2) Have never been Republicans, but would affiliate with and support the GOP IF it would return to conservatism.

We do not and cannot support the Republican Party as it currently exists, because of its left-ward trend and its willingness to sacrifice principles for "pragmatism". By veering away from the principles of social, fiscal, and, constitutional conservatism that characterized Reagan conservatism, you have driven away or else failed to attract us to your party.

If you want us to support you, then you need to return your Party to conservatism, supporting conservative candidates in the primaries and general elections, as well as principled conservative positions on the issues that face us today.

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