#Animal Welfare
Justice of Wilbur Campaign
United Kingdom

On June the 25th 2009 an accident involving a Domestic Cat named "Wilbur" and a Burmese Python occurred. Wilbur stumbled into a neighbors garden where the Python was, needles to say, curiosity got the better of Wilbur and he was eaten.

Since this tragic event it seems the owners of the late Wilbur are hellbent on getting some JUSTICE!!! There form is to deny any responsibility for the ACCIDENT and petition for larger Boidae snake species to be added to the DWA list under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976.

This petition is designed to show that this is not what is needed and that support against such a notion exists in great volume! Sign please...

We, the undersigned, are against the notion for adding large Boidae snakes to the DWA list.

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