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Yamane Ayano is one of the most popular yaoi manga artists globally. Her works have been translated in English, French, German and other languages.
Yet, her works sell quickly and have limited printings within the English speaking community.

One such volume was Foreign Love Affair, one of her older but very successful works. It had a very limited run and went out of print almost immediately. This is a tragedy for those who wish to purchase her books legitimately, as they are forced to pay upwards of $100 for second hand books. None of that money is seen by Yamane Ayano or DMP.

We as a community of yaoi lovers and fans must ban together and call for a reprint of Yamane Ayano's amazing works. No book should have such a short run when there are so many fans able and willing to purchase it.

DMP, please, take our money. We ask that you reprint Foreign Love Affair so that we can support your business and Yamane Ayano, not internet scalpers.

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