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Billions are spent on campaign contributions to influence their outcomes. Many times these funds come form outside the borders of the states where the elections are being held. This is the ultimate erosion of States Rights guaranteed under The Us Constitution. Local constituent's concerns and voices are drowned out by the money that pours in to these campaigns. Are you tired of our elected officials representing the cash and not their constituents then please sign our petition: Represent the Constituent's not the Cash

We the undersigned although recognizing past Supreme Court case rulings on Political Campaign Financing such as Buckley v. Valeo and McConnell v. FEC were based on the The Constitutions 1st Amendment protecting free speech agree that this is in direct conflict with the doctrine of states' rights, the federal government is not allowed to interfere with the powers of the states reserved or implied to them by the 10th Amendment to the U.S.

And as such that under Article 1 of the US Constitution we call on the US Congress to enact laws protecting the rights of individual states to "close their borders" to political campaign contribution's that are generated from outside of their states borders as this erodes the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the constituents of each state to be represented equally

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