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Year after year, Louis Walsh has made terrible decisions, as a judge on the cult competition: The X-Factor.

He has denied countless talented and charismatic artists a chance in favour of comedic, talentLESS joke performers.

I would just like to add that this is not intended as an attack on Louis Walsh's personality or credentials. He is an entertaining TV personality and has had huge successes managing artists in the past. This is only intended to get the judging panel reviewed on the show mentioned, as it is widely felt that he is failing his contestants an has lost sight of what the show is about.

This must stop, and before he ruins another season.

Sign this petitions if you agree, that Louis Walsh should be replaced next year, by someone who understands that the X-Factor is a talent/ singing competition, and that the contestants cannot rely on auto-tune to record songs...

We the undersigned ask that Louis Walsh be removed as a judge from the X-Factor panel for season 2012, in favour of someone who abides by the rules and chooses contestants based on talent and promise as a recording artist.

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