#Neighborhood Living
OUC and City of Orlando
United States of America

The Blue LED lights, installed around communities in Orlando, are too bright and are too blue. There's much scientific study about the effects of blue light on humans and animals at night.

The AMA has recommendations of streetlight color being max 3000k. Darksky.org a web community filled with scientists trying to reduce and eliminate night time light pollution, has similar recommendations, including shields to reduce the area of effect.

This petition is asking the correct authority, whether it be City of Orlando or OUC, to replace the current LED lights, which look like they are 6500k "daylight" LEDs, replaced with much softer color tone LEDs in the 2700k range.

This petition represents the desire of people of communities in Orlando to soften the streetlights and shouldn't be taken as actual specifications for the lights. More precise specifications of the street lights could be determined upon acceptance of the petition in order to weigh cost vs benefits.

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The Replace Blue LED streetlights with soft 2400k color LED lighting petition to OUC and City of Orlando was written by Eric Newton and is in the category Neighborhood Living at GoPetition.