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Prior to Prime Minister Trudeau signing over Guidance and Control of the Canadian Banking System to the Bank for International Settlements in 1974, Canada had a sound financial system. A hundred year chart of Canada's National Debt illustrates that prior to 1974 Canadian citizens had a functional system that financed Canada's role in world war 2, built our highways, built a world class medical system, educational system and in essence built our country.

Since 1974 there is a clear correlation to the fact that the BIS system does not work for the benefit of the Canadian people and has only benefited BIS Members holding our debt. Since 1974 the minimum wage has only risen approximately 400 percent while the National Debt per person has risen to approximately 1500 percent and rising daily.

In 2007 the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) immunity act was signed and in 2008 the global economy came crumbling down exposing hundreds of Billions of dollars of fraudulent banking practices by BIS member banks and institutions.

We the undersigned, Call on the Governor General of Canada to repeal the Bank for International Settlements (Immunity) Act S.C. 2007, c. 35, s. 140 as we feel it is unlawful to protect the assets of a third party organization over the assets of the Canadian citizens.

We the undersigned feel this is unjust to allow an organization and its members such lack of accountability or reprisal. The aforementioned Act is clearly against the good intention of the Magna Carta.

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