#Civil Rights
California Government
United States of America

Proposition 8 has trampled on the rights of fellow human beings based solely on sexual preference. The US Constitution guarantees "...life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...", yet it has been denied to people simply because of their sexual orientation.

This is too much like African Americans being denied the rights guaranteed to whites in the 1950s. If people of the straight preference are allowed three, four, five and more marriages, then people who genuinely love each other should be able to spend the rest to their lives together. Actual people have been DENIED 1400 benefits that would come from being married.

Some of these benefits would ease the problems that the dragging economy has caused. Please reconsider this hateful proposition!

[petition will close 21 December 2008 Please get as many of your friends that support this to sign. Thank you!! NO TO H8!!]

We, the undersigned, call on the California Government to retract this proposition and allow marriages based on LOVE, not sexual preference.

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