TUC: College of Pharmacy
United States of America

The requirement of downloading an exam prior to Examination Period is inconvenient and out of classic Academia. The Institution shall be responsible for providing The Exam at time of Examination. This excludes provision of The Exam prior to Exam period or the requirement of obtaining The Exam prior to scheduled Examination time.

Each Exam Period shall allow sufficient time for students to obtain Examination Material at time of Examination Period within a time frame The Proctors believe to be appropriate for the Student Body to download the exam while in Examination Room. This petition requests the revocation of a 72 hours policy in which Exam Material is to be downloaded prior to scheduled Examination Period.

This petition requests the Institution to be responsible for providing Exam Materials at scheduled Examination Period time.

We, the undersigned, call on the College of Pharmacy at Touro University of California, to repeal the August 25, 2016 policy of the Examination Procedure and Policy.

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The Repeal of Examination Policy petition to TUC: College of Pharmacy was written by Anna San and is in the category Education at GoPetition.